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Development of Marketing Software for Assisted Living Providers

Development of Marketing Software for Assisted Living Providers

Healthcare, Software products
Java, MS SQL Server


A US company providing hospitals, ancillary providers and assisted living organizations with operational technology and electronic health record solutions to collect, process and analyze clinical data including patient, treatment and medication information.


The Customer needed a marketing module to complement their software for assisted livings. The solution was to help the Customer’s clients to track communications, set task reminders, handle prospects and referral sources.


The key entities inside the marketing module are communities (types of assisted livings using the software), inquiries, employees, communications and referral sources. The solution consists of the following submodules:

Inquiries / Prospects

This submodule includes the information about the prospects and allows to promptly evaluate if the individual is qualified for the services. For example, if the prospect’s income level is lower than the monthly fee in the assisted living facility, senior housing, etc., this person is immediately excluded from the sale process. The “prospects” item consists of the following functional elements:

  • Contacts
  • Medical history
  • Needs
  • Care level: IL, AL, MC
  • Interest level (inquiry, neutral, warm, hot, very hot)
  • Income
  • Unit / Amenity preference

marketing module prospects


The list of available assisted livings, their facilities and vacant units goes here. The following organizations can be in the list:

  • Geriatric care
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Social services
  • Palliative & hospice care
  • Care coordination
  • Behavioral health & dementia care

Referral Sources

This submodule includes the list of sources that recommend the caregiver, such as:

  • Previous residents
  • Government
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Networking
  • Trusted advisors
  • Other referral sources


The “employees” submodule allows to evaluate the marketing staff performance via the following elements:

  • New prospects
  • Communications
  • Move-ins
  • Close rate (# Move-ins / # Prospects)


This submodule allows to manage communications with prospects, referral sources, personal and professional contacts. It is possible to schedule an activity and mark it completed. The list of possible activities includes:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails / Letters (e.g., to invite a prospect to an event)
  • Presentations
  • Appointments
  • Tours
  • Home visits
  • Events


ScienceSoft's experienced software developers delivered marketing module that allows users to significantly approach the ambitious goal of 100% occupancy via handling prospects effectively, tracking communications along with progress for referral sources and employees.

Technologies and Tools

Ext JS, SASS, Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, MS SQL Server 2012

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