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Ulad Stepuro

I’m responsible for planning, leading and refining all HR processes at ScienceSoft.
HR Director,

In 2007, Ulad took up the post of HR Director at ScienceSoft. He has worked for the company almost half of its history – the time of rapid growth and fivefold expansion. The current professional and engaged team of 750+ employees, offering a wide range of IT consulting, software development and testing services, is the most important outcome of Ulad’s HR work.

As HR Director, Ulad introduced the domain specialization of recruiters, which significantly improved the number of successful hires. Along with staffing, Ulad has been actively managing other HR aspects – from building the company’s internal PR strategy and increasing brand awareness to developing new employee adaptation and training programs and designing a comprehensive compensations and benefits program.

Ulad acted as a consultant in the project dedicated to developing an HR-focused portal for a major Canadian provider of construction and design services.

In collaboration with relevant departments, Ulad initiated ScienceSoft Meetups, a series of free events run by ScienceSoft experts that cover trending IT topics. As a follow-up to this activity, Ulad works on establishing ScienceSoft’s in-house Training Center for recent grads, job candidates and ScienceSoft’s employees.

Ulad is often invited as a speaker to professional meetups and workshops where he shares his experience in human resource management. He also provides professional advice to the readers of specialized portals. For example, he explains how system administrators can get a promotion to Red Hat readers and provides an expert comment about applications of AI in HR management to Recruittee’s followers.

Investments into corporate learning and training are imperative to attract, select, develop, and retain employees who are most valuable for a company’s strategic success.

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Projects Ulad contributed to

Web portal development

HR-focused Portal Development for a Construction Company