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Nick Kurayev

I define the corporate strategy to boost the value we bring to customers and sustain company growth.

In 1997, Nick joined ScienceSoft as a department manager with a background in physics and 3D modeling. At the time, ScienceSoft was a software product company developing computer-aided innovation software that needed Nick’s scientific background to manage a team of specialists working in the area of 3D modeling of physical effects. After two years of efficient department management, Nick was promoted to become ScienceSoft’s new Chief Executive Officer and make strategic decisions about the company’s future.

Since then, Nick has lead ScienceSoft through two major company transformations.

  • In the early 2000s, Nick found a new promising path for ScienceSoft. The company stopped being a software product company and started to head towards the market of software development services. Due to Nick’s efforts, ScienceSoft managed to find its place in the newly chosen market and broaden its expertise.
  • In 2015, Nick saw a new opportunity for ScienceSoft to evolve. He decided to start an IT consulting practice at ScienceSoft in addition to the previously rendered technical software development services. This decision laid the foundation for ScienceSoft’s current vision behind software development outsourcing services that allow customers to enjoy fast software evolution with frequent releases and solid application stability.

Over his 20 years as ScienceSoft’s CEO, Nick achieved 30-times company growth, which proved that these company transformations were carried out successfully.

Under Nick’s management, ScienceSoft gained significant expertise in new innovative domains, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), data science, machine learning, big data and augmented reality (AR). ScienceSoft experts have been able to deepen their industry-specific knowledge in manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, banking and finance. This way, ScienceSoft’s specialists use both their profound technical expertise and hands-on industry-specific experience to deliver solutions that yield business value to customers. For example, ScienceSoft delivered an award-winning mobile banking application recognized as the best mobile banking app for iOS and Android.

Nick enjoys sharing his rich managerial experience and ideas on IT consulting via posts in ScienceSoft’s blog. For example, he has explained why Agile methodologies are a match for software development outsourcing projects and shared how to avoid common risks of outsourcing software development.

There are many growth opportunities for every company at any given moment. And a CEO’s challenge always means figuring out what opportunities bring truly sustainable growth and which ones are just a tempting short-term win that brings nothing in the long run.

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