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Tatiana Lebedzeva

I ensure the BA team of ScienceSoft shares a strategic vision to drive digital transformation across business domains.
Head of Business Analysis,

In 2013, Tatiana joined ScienceSoft as an HR manager. Soon, she felt an inclination to participate in the digital transformation movement and did a career turn to business analysis. As a member of the business analysis team, Tatiana has got the hang of various technologies and domains, and used to own ecommerce and web development directions. She was responsible for the BA part in such projects as the launch of a Magento-powered web store and CRM integration for US-based luxury fashion business, and the deployment of a cross-platform collaboration solution for an agrochemical company. Tatiana’s professional and meaningful involvement enabled ScienceSoft to deliver software products in line with customers’ expectations regarding functionality, timeline and budget.

In 2020, Tatiana successfully worked her way to the position of Head of Business Analysis. In this role, Tatiana pushes business analysis forward at ScienceSoft. She organizes the team of 20+ business analysts and consultants and challenges each team player with the tasks that suit their talents as well as background knowledge and skills the most. At the same time, she fosters a healthy work environment encouraging self-education and motivating the team to upgrade their competencies continually.

Tatiana gives a lead in business analysis best practices to set the high bar for the service quality at ScienceSoft. She promotes a business analysis approach to go beyond simple requirements gathering, rather dive deep into a customer’s business, analyze their needs with minimum involvement on their side, and advise them on proper technology solutions to achieve required business outcomes.

The BA management role requires close cooperation with ScienceSoft’s development team. Given the ongoing technology evolvement, business analysts can’t stay away from digital transformation. Tatiana guarantees the two teams are on the same page as for how they can power diverse business processes with technologies most effectively and ensure appropriate return on investment for delivered solutions. Tatiana involves most actively in delivering quality custom software development services, one of the business priorities for ScienceSoft.

As a knowledge contributor to ScienceSoft’s blog, Tatiana imparts BA best practices and approaches worked out through years of practice. Mostly, she educates why the role of business analysis is critical in software development and how to organize BA processes properly.

Business analysis must be proactive. You don’t just ‘take notes’ of what a customer says but unlock the opportunities they don’t see.

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