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Alexander Shamatov

Alexander Shamatov devises and engineers enterprise-level python applications.
Senior Python Developer and Software Architect

Alexander joined ScienceSoft in 2016 as a Python developer and soon became a senior Python developer with deep knowledge of Python frameworks such as Django and Flask as well as tools like AIOHTTP, Celery and Docker.

To his position of a senior Python developer, Alexander added the responsibilities of a software architect. Now, he uses his technical expertise in ScienceSoft’s enterprise-level projects on full-cycle application development.

In the course of his career at ScienceSoft, Alexander has taken part in diverse high-load Python-based projects. One of Alexander’s prominent projects was the development of QLEAN, ScienceSoft’s proprietary tool for health check of IBM QRadar. His other prominent project is the development of a smart in-store digital signage solution for a headphone check. Under this project, he implemented the master control service that coordinated data exchange between the components of the smart solution: a tablet mobile app and a cloud-based web application.

Alexander analyzes and shares the trends, challenges in Python development, as well as describes ScienceSoft’s practical experience in the area in ScienceSoft’s blog.

When it comes to application development, I always adhere to the rule: simple is better than complex and complex is better than complicated.

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Development of a digital signage solution for in-store audio product check