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WooGamble VPN Application Development

WooGamble VPN Application Development

Information Technology, Software products


The Customer is a British company that has been working in the field of gambling for more than 5 years and has launched several successful projects.


As in recent years the gambling industry has come under governmental scrutiny in an attempt to restrict access to online casinos, the Customer came up with an idea of creating a multiplatform customized VPN solution that would help users exercise their indispensable right to Internet access independently of the geographical location.


To ensure security, speed and cross-platform portability, ScienceSoft development team customized the OpenVPN client that provides an extensible VPN framework which can use various encryption algorithms on the basis of OpenSSL. It was decided to integrate the Windows application with a Chromium-based browser, while the Android and iOS versions run as non-browser apps.

The given VPN solution applies much more sophisticated encryption methods comparing to web proxies. It anonymously and automatically encrypts the entire Internet connection, while with a web proxy users have to configure their web browsers manually.

VPN technology allows users to link their computers to the application's server through an encrypted connection which masks the IP address, whereas the server uses Tor to process data further. As the personal information is kept private, the user can access any website without the risk of IP tracing.

Since various VPN servers provide different speed, ScienceSoft developers embedded the option of choosing a VPN server location to improve the browsing performance. This can also be useful when a user wants to visit a locally blocked website.


Bringing together the efforts of 5 developers, ScienceSoft successfully delivered the project in the course of one year. The Customer received a handy and easy-to-use VPN solution that is currently gaining popularity among online casino players as well as those who simply want to ensure fast, secure and unrestricted web browsing. Satisfied with the results of ScienceSoft’s work, the Customer is now planning to enrich the application with new features.

Technologies and Tools

Languages: C++, Java, Objective-C

Frameworks & libraries: OpenVPN, Chromium, Windows API, COM, Android SDK

Installation system: NSIS

Integrated development environments: MS Visual Studio 2013, Xcode

Version control system: Git

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