Upgrade of SAP-based Reporting Software for Petroleum Enterprises

Upgrade of SAP-based Reporting Software for Petroleum Enterprises

Oil & Gas
SAP, MS SQL Server


Founded in 1995, this international company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway provides technological consultancy and integrated software solutions for the upstream petroleum industry. The company’s products and services cover the life cycle of decision-making and strategic processes with the focus on reporting and risk management.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft software development services with the goal to upgrade their reporting solution from SAP Business Objects BI 3.1 to SAP Business Objects BI 4.1.

A critical tool for risk management and production forecasts in upstream petroleum investments (that cover the exploration and production stages), this reporting solution provided comprehensive data on the volume of petroleum fields and refined products, on the number and types of wells, as well as on estimated efficiency rates. As this had been an integral part of the Customer’s offering for the upstream petroleum industry, it was crucial to keep data visualization and reporting interfaces as relevant as possible.


The reporting solution was upgraded in the course of 2 months. The detailed project scope included the following steps:

  • analysis of the Customer’s software products for creating database entries
  • analysis of the data model in the database
  • UNV to UNX universe conversion
  • migration of report objects to the new data model version
  • visual adjustments of the reporting interfaces
  • alignment of formulas and calculations with the former version

The upgraded solution was applied to the Customer’s suite of software products, and due to its flexible structure can be adopted by a wide range of end clients.


By upgrading their reporting solution to SAP Business Objects BI 4.1, the Customer was able to bring their software tools for the upstream petroleum industry in line with the technological advances on the market.

As the upgraded solution adopts the interface enhancements of the 4.1 version, the Customer was able to keep their reporting facilities on the cutting edge of data visualization to assist the major petroleum investors with decision making.

Technologies and Tools

SAP Business Objects BI 3.1, SAP Business Objects BI 4.1, SAP Desktop Intelligence, SAP Web Intelligence, Universe Design, Microsoft SQL Server.

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