HCF for QRadar insights at IBM Security App Exchange webinar

ScienceSoft is honored to participate in the upcoming IBM Security App Exchange webinar.

On Thursday, May 18th , 2017 IBM organizes a webinar titled “IBM Security App Exchange Spotlight: Improve Threat Visibility and Operational Efficiency” that will discuss apps available on IBM App Exchange. Together with speakers from IBM Security, CounterTack and Digital Guardian, the event will feature ScienceSoft’s Senior Sales Manager.

Our manager will present ScienceSoft's proprietary Health Check Framework (HCF) for QRadar (now QLean), an automated monitoring tool which allows security administrators to continuously sustain the platform’s operability.

Vulnerable perimeter, costly SIEM administration and low SIEM ROI are the top pitfalls that QRadar SIEM system may face. QLean is the solution tailored to solve these issues.

Webinar attendees will get insights into

  • Challenges solved with QLean for QRadar
  • Product’s key features
  • Value for security decision makers and security teams as well as IBM business partners.

In course of the webinar, other IBM Security technology partners will present two more apps designed for QRadar:

  • CounterTack Sentinel App for endpoint data correlation and response;
  • Digital Guardian (DG) App to achieve enhanced visibility and protection of sensitive data across the enterprise.