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SharePoint Online Migration for a Manufacturing Company

SharePoint Online Migration for a Manufacturing Company



The Customer is an international manufacturing company that produces equipment for the oil and gas industry.


The Customer stored content on an on-premises server in unorganized folders, which made it challenging for employees to search for relevant documents and collaborate on them, especially for workers from remote offices. Besides, the server’s capacity was not enough for the content’s growth rate, and the server required extension and modernization. All this hindered effective content management and cross-company collaboration.


The Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to find a suitable solution to their business challenges. After analyzing the Customer’s situation, our consultants suggested migrating the Customer’s data to SharePoint Online and creating a cloud-based portal for facilitated content management.

First, our SharePoint team elaborated on the architecture of the SharePoint Online portal. It was a three-level structure that included a hub site uniting the company’s employees, dedicated sites for the company’s separate offices, and departmental sites, for example, for Accounting, Operations, HR, and IT.

Then, our team conducted migration of the Customer’s data to SharePoint Online without affecting the continuity of the company’s business processes. After migration, ScienceSoft’s team also conducted user training for the employees. During training, our team showed collaboration and communication capabilities of the portal and taught users to administer the portal, for example, to configure permission-based access to content.


Upon migration, the Customer obtained a scalable and flexible portal. The portal enabled secure and organized storage of the company’s content for each office and each department, which facilitated content search, retrieval, and management by employees. All this helped improve internal collaboration between geographically dispersed offices. In addition, training on the SharePoint portal helped the Customer’s employees make the most of its capabilities.

Technologies and Tools

SharePoint Online, PowerShell, Microsoft Azure.

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