Recruitment Management Application Development

Recruitment Management Application Development

Information Technology, Software products
AWS, PHP, MySQL, React.js, Cloud


The Customer is a European-based software product company offering a recruitment management SaaS application and its mobile version that matches employers with job seekers having fitting skills.


The Customer had outsourced application development but wasn’t particularly satisfied with the results due to low-quality code that slowed down the project’s growth. They were looking for a development partner who could take up the project, fix current issues and evolve the product further to enable better user adoption.


A team’s structure and collaboration details

ScienceSoft’s assembled a team of a BA, a UX/UI designer, a web developer, a mobile developer, and a QA specialist to revamp the project.

The team’s structure remained flexible throughout the project to adjust to changing requirements. To make the ramp-up quick, ScienceSoft created a matching table with the application’s functionality blocks (divided by planned Agile epics) with requirements for their development. The team analyzed each epic to understand when to involve additional specialists. Next, the table was sent to ScienceSoft’s corresponding departments, and the ramp-up could take as little as two days. In such a way, one more web developer joined the team on a constant basis, and a BA was involved for a month to speed up releases.

The team made weekly calls with the Customer to discuss the progress. Each release was finished with an in-depth presentation of the achieved results.

Technical details of the project

The team redesigned web and mobile applications and refactored code in such functionality blocks as authorization, profiles, search, job application and management to make it more maintainable.

Next, ScienceSoft’s BA elicited business requirements from the Customer on new features and UI elements and shaped the vector of the application’s evolution. The team implemented new unique features to help the Customer stand out on the market.

Laravel framework was used to streamline web development thanks to its ready-made components and possibility of easy integration with AWS services used in the project. The team leveraged Elasticsearch to enable faster and more relevant search results for job offerings or candidates’ CVs. Data is stored in MySQL database, and replicated in Elasticsearch in the asynchronous mode with the help of AWS SQS to facilitate the application’s performance further. Amazon RDS was implemented to simplify the administration of the database.


ScienceSoft reengineered existing application’s functionality on all platforms that the application is targeted to and introduced new features that allowed the Customer to gain a competitive advantage and start growing a loyal user base.

Technologies and Tools

Back end: AWS (EC2, RDS, Elasticsearch, SQS); PHP 7.2; Laravel 5.8; MySQL 5.7.

Front end: React.js.

CI/CD and project management: Gitlab CI, Confluence, Jira.

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