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Uladzislau Murashka

I provide information security consulting and security testing services at ScienceSoft.
Penetration Testing Consultant,

Uladzislau dived into the IT world as a technical support specialist in 2011. In 2014, he started working at ScienceSoft as a Linux system administrator. Having always been keen on the information security area, Uladzislau became a security engineer in a year and actively participated in the development of the security testing direction at ScienceSoft. With the extensive knowledge and the experience he got in security testing, Uladzislau became a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) in 2017.

As a penetration testing consultant and CEH at ScienceSoft, Uladzislau provides a range of security testing services including vulnerability assessment, black box, white box and gray box penetrating testing of networks and applications, security code review, infrastructure security audit, and compliance testing of the IT infrastructure or its components. Uladzislau has taken part in more than 50 security testing projects at ScienceSoft so far. In the course of one of his recent projects, he helped a European bank with $400+ million in assets to significantly increase its API security level.

Uladzislau participates in security conferences like IBM & ScienceSoft Security Day, Black Hat USA 2019 and does research work on the latest domain trends. He shares the acquired knowledge with the readers on ScienceSoft’s blog. For example, he recently explained the differences between a source code review and penetration testing, drew a detailed guide to network vulnerability assessment, and compared different types of penetration testing.

The key element of my work is staying curious. While IT technologies keep evolving, a good security testing professional must strive to find new ways to mitigate the risks they pose to information security.

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