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Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System - ScienceSoft

Vehicle tracking software enables real-time monitoring of the truck location, driver behavior, fuel consumption. In fleet management software development since 2015, ScienceSoft helps fleet owners build vehicle tracking systems to reduce risks and costs related to vehicle management and telematics.

Drive Higher Efficiency of Your Fleet Tracking Operations

Get a custom solution that addresses your unique vehicle tracking needs and offers complete visibility of fleet locations.

Benefits You Get from Custom Vehicle Tracking Software

Lower labor costs

When vehicle-tracking function is turned on, the fleet manager is able to track employee activities (including time spent on breaks), reveal unauthorized stops, and evaluate overtime requests.

Increased safety

Drivers are more likely to obey the speed limit if GPS vehicle trackers are installed. More responsible driving under remote supervision results in safer trips with fewer accidents.

Reduced fuel costs

Route optimization and integration with fuel cards lead to substantial costs savings. These features collect GPS location data and send it to fleet managers for further analysis.

Better customer service

When delivery companies are able to promptly process new orders using route optimization, the revenue and customer satisfaction increase as a result.

Insurance premium reduction

Insurance companies often provide discounts for using GPS vehicle tracking systems.

Explore Our Fleet Management System Demo

Take a guided tour of a sample application for fleet managers to get an idea of how it incorporates vehicle tracking features.

Why Build Fleet Tracking Software with ScienceSoft

  • Since 1989 in IT and 750+ professionals on board.
  • Since 2015 in fleet management software development.
  • Since 2011 in IoT implementation.
  • Strategic partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Oracle.
  • Mature quality management system backed by ISO 9001 certification.
  • Robust security management supported by ISO 27001 certification.

ScienceSoft's Offer in Fleet Tracking

Custom GPS fleet tracking solution development

We develop not only simple vehicle tracking solutions, but also sophisticated GPS fleet management systems to address your specific needs and guarantee fast ROI.

Integrating a fleet tracking solution with portable devices

We integrate fleet management solutions with smartphones and other portable devices for drivers and fleet managers to conveniently use dispatch management, vehicle maintenance control, and routing features on the go.

Fleet tracking software integration with enterprise systems

In order to ensure smooth operation of your business processes, we integrate a fleet tracking solution with available enterprise applications, e.g., ERP, WMS, and others, though APIs.

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Get Reliable Vehicle Tracking Software

ScienceSoft is ready to design and develop a robust automation solution to help you improve fleet tracking efficiency and reduce operational costs.