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See how a fleet management system optimizes the daily tasks of fleet specialists and fleet managers and helps employ vehicles, human resources, and fuel more efficiently.

By using a fleet management system, you tap into the following benefits:

Vehicle, Cargo, and Driver Safety

With a fleet management system, vehicle safety is increased due to the real-time collection of vehicle data (e.g., engine health, engine oil level, fuel level), regular and preventative maintenance scheduling, and manual or automated generation of event reports (e.g., maintenance reports).

Fleet management software also helps monitor cargo security as a vehicle’s location and state are reflected on the trip dashboard in real time. It helps deliver the cargo in time and avoid damage to it.

The solution improves the safety of local communities and drivers with the help of maintenance management, route optimization, and driver behavior monitoring functionality that lowers the risks of accidents.

Cost-Efficient Transportation

A fleet management system helps organizations reduce their expenses on fuel due to route optimization, geofencing to avoid unsolicited trips, and detection of aggressive driving. Also, fleet specialists have a 360-degree view of each vehicle’s state (e.g., distance traveled, vehicle capacity and availability). Due to smart resource allocation (e.g., vehicles, human resources), predictive maintenance of vehicles, timely alerts on breakages, vehicle downtimes and associated expenses reduce significantly.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A fleet management system helps ensure that cargo is delivered to customers in the most efficient way – starting from the best-suited driver to the fastest trip route. It results in reduced shipment delays and positive customer feedback.

Interested in a Fleet Management System?

ScienceSoft’s fleet management team can help you develop software that reduces vehicle maintenance and operating costs, ups the quality of transportation services, and improves vehicle and driver safety.