Dispatch Management Software

Dispatch Management Software - ScienceSoft

  • Automatically assign a vehicle or an employee to a customer.
  • Schedule appointments or deliveries.
  • Optimize route schedules based on distance, priorities and deadlines.
  • Provide daily task lists to drivers and employees.
  • Control performed services.
  • Manage customers, drivers, vehicles, carriers, cosigners, and employees.
  • Provide easy communication of call center reps with drivers or employees working in the field.
  • Provide daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.

What we cover

Explore Our Fleet Management System Demo

Take a guided tour of a sample application for fleet managers to get an idea of how it incorporates dispatch management features.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Lower fuel costs as drivers or employees are provided with optimal routes and schedules.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Increased efficiency as fewer employees can provide the same level of service.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Increased customer satisfaction due to the timely delivery of goods and services.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Minimized rejection of goods or services.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Improved company reputation.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Wider customer base and higher sales.

OPtimize your diSpatch management

Dispatch management software can be deployed as a ready-to-use solution or developed from scratch. Even though the range of off-the-shelf products is rather wide, they can rarely meet the unique needs of each company. If you are willing to build a feature-rich dispatch management solution, you are welcome to leave us a request.