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Fleet management software has been around for years, yet it continues to gain popularity. A typical fleet management solution usually consists of such modules as vehicle tracking, dispatch management, fleet maintenance, and others.

Dispatch management software is crucial for companies that deliver goods or provide services to multiple customers, for instance, logistics companies, taxi services, car rental agencies, repair services, sales companies, emergency services, municipal agencies, and news companies. To optimize their operations, such companies may rely on supply chain and logistics, delivery and courier services, transportation dispatch and freight forwarding software, and computer-aided dispatch software for emergency services.

WHAT FOR TO USE Dispatch Management software?

  • Automatically assign a vehicle or an employee to a customer.
  • Schedule appointments or deliveries.
  • Optimize route schedules based on distance, priorities and deadlines.
  • Provide daily task lists to drivers and employees.
  • Control performed services.
  • Manage customers, drivers, vehicles, carriers, cosigners, and employees.
  • Provide easy communication of call center reps with drivers or employees working in the field.
  • Provide daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.

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Dispatch management software features

benefits of Dispatch management software

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Lower fuel costs as drivers or employees are provided with optimal routes and schedules.

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Increased efficiency as fewer employees can provide the same level of service.

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Increased customer satisfaction due to the timely delivery of goods and services.

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Minimized rejection of goods or services.

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Improved company reputation.

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Wider customer base and higher sales.

OPtimize your diSpatch management

Dispatch management software can be deployed as a ready-to-use solution or developed from scratch. Even though the range of off-the-shelf products is rather wide, they can rarely meet the unique needs of each company. If you are willing to build a feature-rich dispatch management solution, you are welcome to leave us a request.