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Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet Maintenance Software - ScienceSoft

Fleet maintenance software is a key to reducing vehicle maintenance costs and extending fleet lifespan. Since 2015, ScienceSoft delivers custom fleet maintenance applications to optimize fleet managers work, reduce equipment downtime, up fleet efficiency, and ensure compliance with transportation regulations.

Struggle with Managing Fleet Condition?

Put an end to your challenges by leveraging custom software that addresses your specific fleet maintenance needs.

The Features We Implement

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FAQ on Fleet Maintenance Software

FAQ on fleet maintenance software

Answered by Serge Pukhaev, Head of Fleet Management Practice at ScienceSoft

What is the added value of fleet maintenance software?

Vehicle maintenance software systems are widely used by many transportation and logistics companies as it is the most reliable and convenient way to effectively manage their fleet and equipment. Fleet maintenance software helps to ensure that each vehicle or piece of equipment is safe, well maintained and accounted for, and is always available for use...

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The main aim of the vehicle maintenance software is to ensure extended vehicle lifespan because of timely maintenance and repairs. Also, automation of business processes allows to increase overall efficiency and productivity due to paperwork elimination, reduction of vehicles downtimes, compliance procedures setup. Moreover, usage of maintenance programs for small or large fleets leads to substantial savings on maintenance costs, fuel and tire expenses.

Is there ready-to-use fleet maintenance software?

There are many ready-to-use applications available on the market. However, my experience shows that they can rarely meet the specific needs of transportation and logistics companies since each organization has an exclusive corporate policy and procedures, different ERP and accounting systems and changing local safety and labor regulations. Therefore, for guaranteed operational and business improvements, I still recommend turning to custom software development.


The Benefits You Get with Custom Fleet Maintenance Software

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The possibility to implement any combination of features.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

The ability to maintain, update and customize software any time by request.

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Seamless integration with the company’s existing infrastructure.

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Information security.

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No subscription costs to worry about.

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Better long-term investment.

Take the First Step to Developing Your Fleet Maintenance Software!

Postponing the development of your fleet maintenance software, you miss out on the opportunities enabled by such software, namely:

  • 15%

    reduction in operational costs

  • 15%

    reduction in fuel expenses

  • 25%

    increase in revenue

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