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Fleet Accident and Claim Management Software

Fleet Accident and Claim Management System Development - ScienceSoft

Fleet accident and claim management software automates collision detection, accident notifications to fleet managers, reporting on accident details. In fleet management software development since 2015, ScienceSoft delivers robust solutions to speed up case handling and reduce accident-related costs. 

Tired of Complicated Claim Management?

ScienceSoft will help you speed up and simplify accident and claim management with custom software tailored to your unique needs.

Functional Modules We Deliver

Accident case management

to simplify case reporting and damage claim management for faster case processing and getting drivers and vehicles back to the road faster.

Towing service management

to maintain 24/7 contact with the closest towing service provider in order to move a damaged vehicle from the place of accident to the repair station fast.

Repair process management

to automate document processing and process management and allow fleet managers to conveniently control the complete repair workflow, from collecting cost estimates through the repair process up to warranty management.

Explore Our Fleet Management System Demo

Take a guided tour of a sample application for fleet managers to get an idea of how it incorporates accident and claim management features.

Benefits of a Custom Accident and Claim Management Software

Minimized accident-related costs

Accident and claim management systems handle the administrative side of claim processing, automate communication with insurance companies, and allow conveniently checking the fulfillment of the claim, which allows reducing costs due to eliminating intermediaries in the case handling process.

Faster case handling

Accident and claim management software automates case handling, thus, considerably reduces the time spent on case processing.

Fast and data-driven decision-making

Fleet managers can track the claim status and view claim-related data in real time. The possibility to generate reports, in turn, allows fleet managers analyze accident- and claim-related data to further improve operations.

Consistent claim data

Systems’ volume database stores all contacts for each claim. Moreover, incoming mail, faxes and even photographic evidence can be scanned into the relevant file. It is possible to generate all relevant documentation automatically.

Accident and Claim Management Software Development with ScienceSoft


aimed at specifying your claim management needs and devising an optimal strategy on how to fulfill them with custom software; selecting an appropriate tech stack and designing a solution architecture.


of a unique software product, which meets your organization’s specific needs.

Ongoing support

and back up of your software by our experienced team.

Start Working on Your Solution Now!

Turn to ScienceSoft’s fleet management team now, and start enjoying a simpler and more effective claim management process.