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Structured Data Capture Application Support for a UK Software Company

Structured Data Capture Application Support for a UK Software Company

Information Technology, Software products
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Angular.js


The Customer is a UK-based IT company specializing in environmental health & safety, enterprise quality management, operations intelligence and other areas. The Customer provides their clients with the solutions for quality management, electronic document management, and other purposes. The solutions help the Customer’s clients to create the environments to develop their products faster and in a cost-effective way.


The Customer provides a structured data capture solution to a company with more than 150 employees. The platform allows to collect and exchange laboratory data, create new procedures and protocols of experiments.

Due to the lack of their own resources required to support their solution, the Customer needed reliable support services to remotely maintain the operability of the platform they provide and quickly react to any issues related to it.


In terms of the ongoing project, ScienceSoft’s support engineers have been providing the Customer with monitoring and multi-tier (L1 – L3) support. In terms of L1 solution support, our team registers, prioritizes and escalates (if needed) the issues reported by the platform end users via the ticketing system ScienceSoft provides. L2/L3 solution support implies fixing bugs, implementing minor enhancements, and involving developers to solve the problems requiring code reviews.

In case the Customer needs adjustments based on the users’ requests, ScienceSoft’s specialists customize the platform, e.g., assign the appropriate user permissions and restrictions, add new features. ScienceSoft monitors and supports about 20 workflows created by the users of the Customer’s platform, and the number of the workflows increases. Our team also deals with troubleshooting if any issues occur. Each workflow implies a certain activity, such as carrying out an experiment to check the quality of a substance. ScienceSoft support engineers maintain the operability of each workflow, promptly respond and mitigate the issues the users face.

ScienceSoft engages senior QA engineers in the solution support process. They are responsible for testing the platform’s proper functioning after updates are introduced. ScienceSoft’s QA team also checks the bug fixes, which helps to ensure the reliability of the product the Customer provides to their users.


The continuous efforts of ScienceSoft’s support team allow the Customer to keep their structured data capture platform operating sustainably. Our support engineers cope with the issues related to the Customer’s solution and the workflows arranged with it.

In the course of 2-year collaboration, ScienceSoft’s support team has never missed critical issues, and never experienced bugs reappearing. We quickly respond to the queries coming from the platform users, and cope with the problems in the short term to help the Customer preserve their users’ loyalty.

Being satisfied with the quality of the support services ScienceSoft provides, the Customer is planning to expand the cooperation with us to another product they offer.

Technologies and Tools

BMC Remedy Action Request System, S2B, Jira, MS Office, AngularJS, Internet Explorer 11, JavaScript.

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