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Salesforce Customization for an Analytics Company

Salesforce Customization for an Analytics Company

Information Technology


The Customer is a US-based analytics company that helps clients facilitate the insurance process with AI-based property intelligence.


The Customer used CRM based on Salesforce Sales Cloud for collecting client information, sales management and team collaboration. Yet these processes were set up inefficiently, thus, the Customer looked to customize their existing solution to increase sales performance.

The Customer also wanted to improve their customer service processes as they suffered from low customer satisfaction. Yet, they lacked in-house resources and expertise to carry out these tasks.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft for Salesforce customization services for their Sales Cloud-based CRM. ScienceSoft’s team started the project by analyzing the Customer’s needs to find the best way to customize their Salesforce solution within the existing license. To maximize the efficiency of the solution and help organize a steady sales process, ScienceSoft’s team:

  • Created and adjusted user roles and permissions to enable specific automation features for different user groups, such as sales reps and sales managers.
  • Implemented the automated task assignment to ensure quick engagement of sales reps with clients.
  • Set up triggers for automated email notifications for sales employees not to miss a single deadline throughout the sales process.

To resolve the existing customer service challenges, ScienceSoft’s team integrated the Customer’s Salesforce Sales Cloud with Service and Community Clouds. To improve the Customer’s customer service KPIs, such as customer satisfaction and retention rates, and decrease customer service agents’ workload, ScienceSoft’s team:


The Customer was able to increase their sales volume and drive their sales team’s productivity due to the increased amount of automation and the adjusted user roles and permissions. Having enriched their CRM with Salesforce Service and Community Clouds, the Customer was able to deliver a high-quality customer service experience, thus building customer retention and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Technologies and Tools

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Community Cloud, APEX, JavaScript, REST API.

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