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Learning Portal Tailored to Vocational Training and Apprenticeship

Learning Portal Tailored to Vocational Training and Apprenticeship

Education, Construction


The Customer is a British vocational qualification assessment provider for the construction industry offering an alternative approach to the process of training and competence management.


The Customer spotted an underexploited market niche in the sphere of vocational training and apprenticeship programs. They decided to satisfy the growing demand for the programs in Construction Craft, Supervisory and Management, General Business Leadership and Management and Occupational Health and Safety with the help of an online learning portal.


ScienceSoft developed a Learning Portal, an online integrated knowledge and learning management system. This solution facilitates access to a comprehensive administration and management service through an intuitive interface. The portal assists various members of vocational and higher educational establishments, private training providers, enterprise internal training managers and individual learners to communicate and interact in a seamless and integrated manner.

For employers the online portal provides the following opportunities:

  • to maintain the high quality level by highlighting when competencies are due to expire and where the training can be obtained to renew them
  • to connect with training providers and select specialized courses on the rolling basis
  • to allocate individualized training plans to employees and closely monitor their progress
  • to track the attendance and attainment records of all employees in a company

Colleges and training providers can use the platform in a number of ways:

  • to manage the workload of multiple centers, trainers, assessors, verifiers/moderators, administrators and managers
  • to manage the existing clients and attract new ones through the system of online bookings, course scheduling and invoicing
  • to facilitate the administration of trainings and efficiently deliver the learning materials to learners
  • to access customizable management reports as well as progress and assessment reports for learners and their employers

Learners can use the portal in order:

  • to securely store and access their training and competence records (in particular information about training courses, exams, assignments, tests, assessments or qualifications)
  • to select and follow a learning path complete with the materials, revision exercises, assignments and assessments. The materials are organized in a clear and logical way to facilitate the learning process
  • to avoid double learning by completing a tailored program based on their previous knowledge and specific requirements
  • to verify their previous knowledge and acquire new qualifications from the comfort of their homes

The system helps companies to implement in-work staff training and build up competence, thus meeting the legislative and contractual obligations as well as organizational objectives. It allows Training, HR and Production Managers to adopt a strategic approach to managing competence and provide employees with learning opportunities.


The major challenges of the project concerning turnkey development and testing were successfully met by ScienceSoft team. The learning portal has become a convenient tool for governmental and private educational organizations and training centers to track and administer the learning programs for in-work students from the construction industry.

Technologies and Tools

ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MySQL 2000, Visual SourceSafe, Adapdev

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