Development of Billboard Management Software

Development of Billboard Management Software

Entertainment, Information Technology


A large European company, that specializes in development and commercialization of digital replacement technology for live sports broadcasts. The technology enables the replacement of ad content during sports broadcasts depending on viewers' geography and TV channel.


The Customer already had a solution for tracking ads on digital billboards using infrared spectrum. Since the replacement process should be fast and accurate, they decided to replace the existing solution that was using outdated technology and creating a lot of noise and sometimes errors.

The Customer chose ScienceSoft as a partner in custom software development to design a new solution that would provide best in class replacement services and meet up-to-date demands.


ScienceSoft development team helped to create a new solution that allows broadcasters and advertisers to personalize billboard ads during live sports broadcasts worldwide. The new solution allowed the Customer to reduce noise and made the process of ad replacement more accurate.

High quality ad with tailored content and messages targeted by region allowed the Customer to give new flexibility to billboard advertising.


As the result of the project, the Customer received a solution that significantly increased a visual quality of the replacing ads. The Customer got an up-to-date solution that made live billboard ads more attractive for advertisers and broadcasters and at the same time significantly boosts the revenue potential of televised sporting events.

Technologies and Tools

C++, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, OpenCV

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