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Full-cycle Web Application Testing for a Top Insurance Provider

Full-cycle Web Application Testing for a Top Insurance Provider

Insurance, BFSI
Azure, Protractor

About the Customer and Their Insurance Contract Management Application

The Customer is a world-leading insurance company specializing in multiple business domains with an international presence across the US, Europe, and Asia. The Customer was already successfully collaborating with ScienceSoft to create an application for insurance contract management with complex financial calculation capabilities.

Insufficient Testing Resources

To produce a stable and fully functioning web application, the Customer also needed to establish an efficient quality assurance process and perform relevant testing activities but lacked the in-house resources with relevant QA and testing competences.

Testing throughout SDLC

Pleased with ScienceSoft's skills and proactive attitude we proved during the development, the Customer decided to entrust quality assurance to ScienceSoft too. ScienceSoft provided the Customer with two experienced QA engineers who were involved during all SDLC stages. Their involvement started as early as business and technical requirements elicitation and documentation to ensure there were no unclear or contradicting requirements. Relying on the documented software requirements, the QA engineers developed a comprehensive test strategy and plan, and created relevant test scenarios and cases.

Due to the complexity of the software under development and many repetitive test cases, ScienceSoft's QA engineers opted for automated functional and regression testing. QA engineers automated 100+ regression test suits that ran on a regular basis during night shifts. To accelerate the testing process, automated tests were incorporated into the CI/CD pipeline using Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Smooth user experience and logical arrangement of the app's UI elements were verified during usability testing.

Continuous Testing Process with 90% Test Coverage

To ensure the web application's full functionality, ScienceSoft's QA team delivered about 1,700 automated tests that covered 90% of the app's functionality. The Customer collaborated with ScienceSoft for 4 years.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Azure DevOps, Postman, test automation framework (based on Protractor and Jasmine frameworks and written with TypeScript).

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