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Development of Credit Analysis Software

Development of Credit Analysis Software

Financial Services, Software products


The Customer is one of the leading Swedish IT companies providing secure credit analysis tools and solutions.


Usually, the users have to send to the bank the copies of their passport, utility bills, and other documents in order to verify their identity and solvency. The Customer wanted to develop a software product that allowed real-time user solvency verification by obtaining and analyzing his/her credit history.


In 7 month a team of two ScienceSoft’s senior Java developers and a project manager delivered a fast, scalable, reliable, user-friendly and maintainable credit management system.

In order to do that, the customer needed to develop a server-side solution that allows obtaining the following information from the users of a certain Internet bank:

They have developed a complex solution with the following capabilities:

The solution obtained the required data (two-year transaction history; loans; name, address, and social security number; telephone number; credit cards and other commitments) from Internet banks. The data was converted into a unified format to enable the aggregating of the results received from different banks.

The solution supported a large number of Internet banks from all over the world (Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, etc.) and different kinds of authorization processes.

The ScienceSoft’s team ensured comprehensive automatic unit testing coverage and provided clear documentation that simplified product usage and support.


The complex professional credit analysis software was successfully introduced to the market.

Technologies and Tools

Java, Apache Maven 2.3, Apache Tomcat 7.0, Git 1.7, Oracle JDK 1.7, Javadoc, Checkstyle, Selenium 2.20, JUnit 4.

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