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Web and Mobile Apps Delivered for a Cleaning Services Provider in Just 7 Months

Web and Mobile Apps Delivered for a Cleaning Services Provider in Just 7 Months

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React Native, Mobile, iOS, Android


The Customer is a European cleaning startup. Their goal is to digitally connect their cleaner employees and those in need of cleaning, allowing convenient two-way communication.


To run their business, the Customer needed to develop a software solution consisting of a mobile app for cleaners, a mobile app for clients, and a web app for admins, who monitor client-cleaner cooperation. However, the Customer didn’t have the skills necessary for the app development project.


The Customer shared their RFP and UI mockups with ScienceSoft and requested their professional assistance in implementing the solution. After consulting with ScienceSoft’s BAs, the Customer decided to leverage React Native for both a web app and mobile apps. ScienceSoft’s team of a project manager, 2 React Native engineers, a backend developer, and a testing engineer started development in just a week after business analysis was complete and worked under the Scrum methodology for 7 months. The apps for cleaners and for clients both catered to iOS and Android thanks to React Native’s cross-platform capabilities.

The iOS/Android apps for clients made it possible to:

  • Choose a specific cleaning category.
  • Add extra requests in a comment.
  • Specify the address and day/time of cleaning.
  • Add a card (for automated payment after cleaning is complete).
  • View a list of cleaners available in the area.
  • View a cleaner’s profile (with rating and client reviews).
  • Exchange chat messages with a cleaner and user support.

The iOS/Android apps for cleaners allowed:

  • Accepting/Declining new orders.
  • Viewing a list of all accepted cleaning orders.
  • Viewing details of each order (payment, address, type of cleaning).
  • Viewing current income from all orders.
  • Connecting a Stripe account.
  • Set working hours/vacation days.
  • Exchanging chat messages with clients and the user support.

The web app for admins enables them to:

  • Add/Remove cleaners’ profiles.
  • View individual cleaner’s order history and order queue.
  • View client payment history.
  • Exchange chat messages with clients and cleaners.

ScienceSoft’s backend developer successfully performed the apps’ integration with the shared back end.


The React Native cross-platform technology, leveraged by ScienceSoft’s team, allowed the Customer to reduce development costs while getting powerful apps. The apps were adopted by the startup’s employees and clients in under a week and now drive the Customer’s business.

Technologies and Tools

React Native, React, Flux, Redux, Firebase, Laravel, MySQL, Google Cloud.

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