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Inventory Management Software Ready to Go in 3 Weeks

Inventory Management Software Ready to Go in 3 Weeks

Healthcare, Manufacturing
Java, React.js
Length of cooperation
3 weeks


The Customer is a large North American provider of premium medicinal herbs. The company cultivates the herbs across several sites and distributes them to home and international suppliers and consumers.


The Customer was unable to track and manage the medicinal herbs down to the exact milligram at the stages of harvesting, processing and internal packaging and lacked visibility into the exact amount of stock across the entire inventory at any time.

The Customer needed to solve this challenge in a month to make it for the start of the forthcoming harvesting season.


ScienceSoft offered to implement a custom software for inventory management. ScienceSoft undertook the development project that had to be completed in a month. To meet the tightest deadline:

  • ScienceSoft rapidly brought to the table the entire team and swiftly scaled it up when required.
  • The team followed the Agile (Scrum) methodology. The development was started immediately and the requirements were formulated in parallel with development.
  • The software development process was integrated with IT operations, so the teams could jointly and more efficiently build, test and release the solution. Together, they introduced the continuous integration (CI) / continuous delivery (CD) pipeline with TeamCity.

In 3 weeks, ScienceSoft’s team delivered a complete, ready-to-go web-based inventory management system to monitor the herbs stock at the stages of harvesting, internal packaging and storing. The solution was integrated with third-party hardware – an electronic scale. The weighing information was transferred between the scale and the inventory management system without human intervention, which helped eliminate manual data entry efforts and human error.

As the app was intended for active usage by field workers, ScienceSoft’s team adapted the UI design focused on usability to relevant use cases. They ensured the intuitive information layout and navigation and optimized the solution to smaller screens.


In the new harvesting season, the Customer enjoyed more convenient and efficient control over their inventory operations at scale, speeded the flow and improved the accuracy of the premium phytotherapy product quantities and better set sales and distribution goals.


Java, Spring Framework, React.js, TeamCity.

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