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Modernization of a Supply Chain SaaS Product Used by 3,000 Businesses Worldwide

Modernization of a Supply Chain SaaS Product Used by 3,000 Businesses Worldwide

.NET, Azure, ASP.NET, Angular.js

About the Customer

Headquartered in the US, the Customer operates around the globe, providing cutting-edge software solutions for manufacturing and distribution. The company’s software suite covers ERP, MES, SPC, and dozens of other domain-specific enterprise solutions that are being utilized by nearly 3,000 businesses worldwide.

Need for Extra .NET Developers Proficient in Both Old and New Techs

The Customer was deeply involved in a time-sensitive IT project: the modernization and improvement of a 40-year-old industry-leading SaaS application for order fulfillment and warehouse management.

To meet tight deadlines, the Customer was looking for a partnership that would offer not just immediate IT resource relief but also the potential for long-term collaboration. The company sought senior .NET developers who could juggle a variety of tasks, from software support to modernization.

Modernization, Migration, and Support of Legacy SaaS

An IT services provider with 34 years in software development and 12 years in SaaS consulting, ScienceSoft filled the resource gap on the Customer’s team and proceeded to supply specialists for a variety of emerging development tasks. Since hopping on board in 2019, the .NET crew from ScienceSoft has tackled the following missions:

  • Migrating front ends to new technologies. We moved the front ends of inventory and shipping management modules out of the old-school Classic ASP and ASP.NET 4.5 zone into React.js and redesigned them into microservices. At the same time, the old back end had to be kept in play for a while longer due to the Customer’s requirements. So, we also crafted special endpoints in the old back end to ensure its seamless operation with the new UI's requests.
  • Replacing a Salesforce-based back end that held precious data about customers and their systems with custom code. We assisted the Customer's team in developing new cloud-native microservices using .NET and Azure and executing a smooth migration of customer information with zero data loss.
  • Fixing minor defects and adding new functionality (e.g., adding new fields to the forms) in different parts of the legacy SaaS, including the reporting and billing modules.
  • Refining the integration hub experience. The integration hub is a central software module that allows the SaaS application to communicate with various external systems, services, and APIs. While the Customer's team independently handled the integrations and touchpoints, our contribution focused on enhancing the user interface for management and configuration purposes, ensuring seamless operation and optimal integration parameters.

Throughout this collaboration, ScienceSoft's developers took an active part in all Scrum events (backlog refinements, sprint plannings, daily scrums, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives) and closely collaborated with QAs and other developers on the Customer’s side.

Over 4 Years of Successful Technology Partnership on SaaS Evolution

The partnership between the Customer and ScienceSoft has proven to be both effective and enduring, continuing strong into January 2024. By augmenting its team with true .NET pros, the Customer has managed to rapidly and reliably modernize its legacy SaaS, reinforcing the software’s leadership in the industry.


NET 5, .NET 6, .NET 7, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, Blazor, SignalR, React.js, Angular.js, Azure Service Bus, Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform.

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