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L2, L3 Support of a Marketing Campaign Management Solution

L2, L3 Support of a Marketing Campaign Management Solution

Marketing & Advertisement
AWS, .NET, React.js, Cloud
Business gains
36% decrease in issues reported by users; 97% application user satisfaction rate


The Customer is one of the largest global advertising agencies headquartered in the US.


The Customer has a complex web-based solution to manage marketing campaigns for a worldwide consumer goods manufacturer. It covers the rich functionality to plan and control the execution of various marketing-related activities. Based on the microservices architecture, the solution is under ongoing development, connects with several external applications (e.g., mobile iOS clients) and deals with big data processing. The Customer needed to ensure the 24/7 application’s stability and smooth work and was looking for professional application support services.


The Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to provide full L2, L3 support services. In addition, our L2 support team manages L1 support placed on the Customer’s side to ensure seamless communication between the two teams. The L1 support is represented by a 24/7 service center that has been created to become a single point of entry for all user requests and works as a helpdesk where users place their tickets. When the L1 team encounters previously non-documented issues or those that require the involvement of technical specialists, the tickets are routed to the L2 support team responsible for handling of more serious issues, such as microservices crashes, hardware failures, etc.

Upon the request from the L2 support team, the L3 support team introduced a monitoring system to the application to ensure its even more sustainable work. The system consists of such tools as queue message count, online database logs analysis, data consistency monitoring, etc. Using email and SMS notifications, the system allows the L2 support team to immediately detect and prevent expansion of dangerous issues (data inconsistencies, message queue exceeds, server failures, etc.) even before users notice them and create tickets.

Also, as the solution is in the state of ongoing development, new services are constantly added that can interrupt its smooth system work. The L2 support team handles required system configuration to allow seamless introduction of new components to the existing solution.


The productive cooperation with ScienceSoft significantly reduces problems of fast and high-volume data processing and allows the Customer’s employees to enjoy the smooth work of the complex marketing campaign management solution. Proactive monitoring provides a possibility to identify pain points before users face them. According to the Customer’s reports, the overall number of registered service requests has decreased by 36%. Also, along with other support activities (as the introduction of a service center), 24/7 troubleshooting services and monitoring carried out by ScienceSoft have led to the significant growth of user satisfaction that now equals to 97%.

Technologies and Tools

Web back end and front end: .NET, .NET Core, AWS Lambda, IIS, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, React.js, jQuery, TypeScript, HTML 5, Less CSS.

Messaging/Notifications: AWS SNS, RabbitMQ.

Data storage: Microsoft SQL Server, SQlite, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, AWS S3, AWS Glacier.

DevOps/Orchestration: TeamCity, Jenkins, Chef, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CloudFormation, AWS ECS, AWS Auto Scaling (AWS EC2), AWS VPC, AWS IAM, AWS Systems Manager.

Monitoring: Filebeat, Logstash, Kibana, Amazon CloudWatch, Datadog.

ITSM: ServiceNow® platform.

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