SharePoint Portal Customization for a Gold Producing Company

SharePoint Portal Customization for a Gold Producing Company

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.NET, SharePoint


Customer is a Canadian company focused on development of world-class social business platforms and sites in SharePoint and other .NET technologies. The Company has over 10 years rich consulting experience working with dozens of Fortune 500 and world-leading brands – and more than 200 engagements to-date.

The final customer is one of the world's largest gold producers with assets and operations in the United States, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, New Zealand and Mexico. The Customer is the only gold company included in the S&P 500 Index and Fortune 500. The company has around 32,000 employees and contractors worldwide.


The Customer had a corporate SharePoint-based portal. They needed to add new features, particularly simplify the process of news and announcements creation and extend out-of-the-box functionality for this process. To get high-quality SharePoint development services the Customer chose ScienceSoft, as a recognized expert in SharePoint consulting, development and customization.

The solution was supposed to cover several requirements:

  • Possibility to create and edit news without developers’ involvement
  • Possibility to create sites for each region with unique news and manage permissions


ScienceSoft thoroughly investigated the Customer’s infrastructure and changed the architecture in accordance with the requirements. Site collections were created for each region. This helped to manage permissions and user access, assign an administrator for each region separately.

The next step was creating custom forms for every news list and implementing extended functionality. With new fields and custom forms users (administrators) are able to manage all news easily (including spotlight and regular frontpage news).

ScienceSoft team also added the following functionality:

  • Social media links
  • Facebook feeds
  • Quick tolls and Quick links
  • Integration with Piwik


The Customer got a multifunctional solution that covers all their major requirements and needs. New functionality significantly simplified working with news and make portal interface user-friendly. This allowed reduce maintaining cost.

The Customer was satisfied with ScienceSoft’s work, therefore collaboration between the companies still continues.

Technologies and Tools

SharePoint 2010, .NET, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer

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