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ERP Support and Evolution for a Provider of Corporate Wireless Solutions

ERP Support and Evolution for a Provider of Corporate Wireless Solutions

AWS, Python

About Our Customer

Our Customer is an expert in corporate wireless communication. It provides a set of services to architect, implement and manage wireless solutions. Its largest clients are organizations with 10,000+ users. A smart approach to wireless network planning the Customer executes helps companies save tens of thousands of dollars in monthly mobile spend.

Change of ERP Support Vendor

One of the Customer’s service directions is mobile device recycling. The company purchases corporate devices that have reached the end of service, erases all confidential information, disassembles the devices and resells the components.

There is a custom ERP system written in Python to control an end-to-end process of device recycling. The Customer used to entrust the system’s developer with the maintenance and evolution of the ERP. When the developer decided to quit, the Customer was looking for a substitute.

ScienceSoft Inherits ERP Support

ScienceSoft has a pool of about 30 Python developers with 3–15 years of experience, so we had the capacity to offer a perfect match in terms of required skills and cost. A Python developer from ScienceSoft took over ERP support in 2020 and is partially involved up to now (April 2023).

The developer worked across all ERP modules. Still, the largest focus was on such modules as purchase orders, invoices, inventory, commissions, and reports. The support required by the Customer implied two groups of activities: processing of change requests and troubleshooting.

Types of change requests we dealt with are:

  • Creation of an automated workflow (e.g., generation of a purchase order from a quote).
  • Creation of a new view for UI components (e.g., tables, buttons).
  • Delivery of new features (e.g., a purchase order profile).

Examples of bugs we fixed are:

  • Server errors.
  • Errors in data export.
  • Errors with system settings.

How the Customer Benefits from Non-Stop Support

For the past 3 years, ScienceSoft has been a reliable ERP support partner to the Customer. By providing prompt troubleshooting and evolving the ERP system incrementally, we have ensured good ERP functioning, which is crucial for the operation of the whole device recycling service.

Technologies and Tools

General technologies: Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Go

AWS services: Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3, Amazon ELB

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