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ScienceSoft’s Proprietary Email Tracking Tool to Manage 20,000+ Emails per Week

ScienceSoft’s Proprietary Email Tracking Tool to Manage 20,000+ Emails per Week

Legal Services
Dynamics CRM, EmailScoop


The Customer is a leading company offering professional litigation and arbitration support services to large law firms and corporations worldwide. The company provides 24/7 client service to ensure the highest standard of comprehensive legal support. The Customer’s staff of dedicated professionals has provided support in a number of important cases both at the national and international level.


The Customer had concerns about the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premises. The problem was related to the inconsistent email tracking where some emails occasionally got lost or were not associated with the correct company or contact. For an organization sending on average 20,000 emails per week, this was a challenging issue. In addition, the company needed some customizations:

  • possibility not to track emails sent to certain employees of the company according to internal policies;
  • possibility to decide which emails should not be tracked (for example, in case of a private email conversation).

Aiming to streamline the company’s email workflow, the Customer approached ScienceSoft as a trustworthy CRM consultant with a request to suggest a more effective tool for managing email communication.


Based on the Customer’s requirements, ScienceSoft’s specialists came up with a more user-friendly email tracker as compared to the out-of-the-box tool, designed to cover some specific email communication scenarios missing in the Microsoft’s software. The custom solution named EmailScoop allows automatic tracking of incoming and outgoing emails in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 via any email provider.

From the technological point of view, EmailScoop works as follows:

  • It is built as a configurable Windows service.
  • It is highly scalable and benefits from multicore CPU architectures.
  • Email tracking works via direct access to email server.
  • The only requirement to the server for the email tracker installation is connectivity to the email provider and to CRM services; this also can be installed in cloud (Microsoft Azure).
  • Email synchronization runs every 5 minutes, however the synchronization interval is configurable on demand.emails in crm

The EmailScoop functionality allowed the Customer to:

  • automatically track all incoming/outgoing emails;
  • make use of privacy settings;
  • track emails from Exchange Server;
  • create new CRM contacts (the tool analyzes business emails according to certain rules and, even if they are not from a CRM contact, a new company/contact is created automatically with all the necessary attributes);
  • upload, match and synchronize all the email history on the server from the pre-CRM period.

ScienceSoft provided licensees to around 80 Customer’s employees.


The Customer received a tailored add-on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 in due time. The customized email tracker elaborated by ScienceSoft’s team fully met the Customer’s desired requirements featuring a wider functionality as compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook. The EmailScoop implementation allowed around 80 Customer’s employees to streamline their email communication and improve customer service. In particular, it allowed to smoothly track all incoming/outgoing emails, as well as to block the possibility of email tracking for certain employees according to the company’s internal policies.

Technologies and Tools

EmailScoop, C#, PowerShell, FetchXML and Dynamics 365 API

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