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ScienceSoft’s Proprietary Email Tracking Tool for Correct Email Synchronization

ScienceSoft’s Proprietary Email Tracking Tool for Correct Email Synchronization

Information Technology
EmailScoop, Dynamics CRM


The Customer is a US-based IT distributor, engaged in selling the products of the leading IT and telecommunications companies to enterprises, data centers and IT service providers.


The Customer had a problem with their default email tracking tool for Dynamics CRM which failed to ensure the fault-free tracking of emails from the Customer’s accounts in the Exchange Web Service (EWS) address book. Some emails were not associated with the right CRM contacts, which caused issues with customer communication. Also, the Customer’s CRM got overloaded with irrelevant emails and spam. To address these challenges, the Customer turned to ScienceSoft as a reliable Dynamics CRM service provider.


To address the Customer’s challenge, ScienceSoft replaced the default email tracking tool for Dynamics CRM with its own product - EmailScoop. ScienceSoft’s team deployed the tool and launched the synchronization of the customer’s contacts in the EWS address book with Dynamics CRM. This enabled the accurate tracking of emails from the Customer’s contacts in their EWS address book and reflecting them in Dynamics CRM.

To prevent the appearance in the CRM of emails from the addressers, which are not in the Customer’s EWS address book, ScienceSoft’s developers disabled the Create contacts option in EmailScoop using code. This also ensured that, once an email from a new contact is received, this contact is no longer automatically added to CRM. Such customization significantly decreased the amount of spam, unwanted and irrelevant messages in the Customer’s CRM mailbox.


The Customer got a reliable email tracking tool, which allows to efficiently track both incoming and outgoing emails from the contacts in the EWS address book. EmailScoop improved the Customer’s communication with clients, since no email was lost or associated with a wrong CRM contact anymore. EmailScoop customization also secured the CRM from spam, irrelevant or unwanted emails.

Technologies and Tools

EmailScoop, Dynamics CRM API, EWS (Exchange Web Service), .NET, C#.

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