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High-Performing Telecom Automation Software to Ensure Positive User Experience

High-Performing Telecom Automation Software to Ensure Positive User Experience

.NET, MS SQL Server


The customer is one of the largest IT services providers in the Baltic region. Among the clients of the company are leading enterprises and public sector entities in the Nordic region.


The Customer wanted to develop an automation system for a new European telecom operator and searched for a reliable custom software development services provider to develop a smart integrated solution that would ensure effective performance and positive user experience.


ScienceSoft’s development team thoroughly gathered and analyzed the client’s requirements. The next step was to develop a core business logic of the automation system and integrate it with the number of external systems, i.e., billing system, number storage, etc. The solution built by our engineers was then passed to ScienceSoft’s experienced QA experts, who performed comprehensive testing to ensure smooth system performance and great usability.

The following tasks were completed by ScienceSoft’s specialists:

  • Mobile Number Portability support.
  • Secure Algorithms for PIN codes and serial codes generation.
  • Performance optimization of the core components.
  • Web UI (administration, customer service, etc.) extension.
  • Database functionality extension.
  • Windows Services/Web services development.


The first version of the telecom operator automation system successfully went live. ScienceSoft delivered the solution that fully complies with the customer’s requirements and meets the highest standards of software quality and security. ScienceSoft continues collaboration with the Customer by providing support services for the delivered software product.

Technologies and Tools

.NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, Visual Studio 2003, 2005, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, ASP.NET, WSH, SVN, Jira, NUnit Framework, Custom framework.

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