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How to Design a Network Operations Center in a Winning Way

Help Desk Manager, ScienceSoft

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Editor’s note: Veranika explains how adopting a multi-tier model of NOC design can help you create an orderly network operations center and timely resolve IT infrastructure problems. And if you consider entrusting your NOC services to a reliable provider, you are welcome to consider our NOC services.

A network operations center is an IT infrastructure management unit that has become a necessity for many companies, especially those who have to see to multiple networks on a regular basis. A NOC gives an opportunity of 24/7/365 IT infrastructure monitoring, troubleshooting and foreseeing network failures to ensure high network uptime and stable functioning of applications and databases. However, establishing an orderly NOC is quite challenging. The first step you should take is to choose the NOC’s structure that will determine your resource needs. Below, I explain how adopting a multi-tier model used in most of today’s large NOCs will help you build a structured and smoothly functioning NOC in your company.

3-tiered NOC design

NOC design in tiers

A multi-tier model to network operations center design helps effectively distribute responsibilities among different NOC levels, according to the skills and experience of NOC engineers and the complexity of issues they deal with.

NOC Tier 1 – First aid

At this level, NOC staff receives infrastructure-related requests and deals with simple network issues, such as login problems, checking proper network configurations. NOC Tier 1 specialists can use problem-solving scripts containing step-by-step instructions on how to tackle issues quickly. Problems that require a higher level of technical expertise are escalated to NOC Tier 2 specialists.

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NOC Tier 2 – More complex issues

This level is represented by more tech-savvy specialists who deal with thornier network issues, which often requires a deeper understanding of the supported IT infrastructure. Some common tasks at NOC Tier 2 include resolving configuration issues, account administration, services restart, etc. If an issue involves more detailed research on the code level, it is escalated to NOC Tier 3.

NOC Tier 3 – Advanced problems

Tier 3 serves as the top escalation point for NOC Tier 1 and Tier 2 specialists. Tier 3 engineers are responsible for handling issues on the code or database level and provide hot fixes. Resolving issues at NOC Tier 3 requires development skills, so you can either keep it in-house or outsource to a vendor who is ready to work at the backend level.

Build an orderly NOC

A properly chosen structure is the key to a smoothly functioning network operations center. By choosing a multi-tier model with proper escalation procedures for your NOC, you can resolve IT infrastructure issues of different complexity promptly and make your IT infrastructure truly reliable. If you’d like to entrust the design and management of your network operations center to a reliable service provider, feel free to contact my team.

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