Universal B2B eAuction Software Development

Universal B2B eAuction Software Development

Retail, Marketing & Advertisement


Scanmarket (www.scanmarket.com) is a global leading provider of a user friendly server based hosting system for closed internet-based reverse auctions and RFx for professional buyers in large companies.


Scanmarket eAuction application is a B2B solution which is intended to automate internal procedures and create efficiency in searching for supplier of different goods and services with best proposals taking into account terms of proposals, supplier characteristics, etc. Scanmarket eAuctions tool was implemented in Asp platform, which was no longer satisfying customer needs. New platform for application was needed to make it more flexible. Also, Scanmarket wanted to extend and add new functionality to the application to make it more competitive.


ScienceSoft's retail application development team suggested to convert the application to ASP.NET, which supports design and code separation, usage of test driven development. After application successful conversion, ScienceSoft implemented new functionality such as RFx, and questionnaire-functionality which allows to measure possible customers convenience based on graduated answers. As a part of internationalization and global marketing Scanmarket's strategy ScienceSoft introduced support of the application for the group of Asian languages. As a result, the application became scalable, more comprehensive and user-friendly.

Technologies and Tools

Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, AJAX, JSON, SQL, ASP

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