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Remote IT Support for a US Telecommunications Services Provider

Remote IT Support for a US Telecommunications Services Provider



The Customer is one of the major mobile virtual network operators in the US, who provides government-subsidized telecommunications services.


The Customer is highly dependent on the number of clients and their long-term loyalty. Thus, the Customer was looking for a professional team to remotely support their multiple business applications in order to ensure immaculate experience of their clients with the company’s services.


The Customer commissioned ScienceSoft the support of the .NET-based part of their web applications. The supported part included a number of web services (mainly, built with Windows Communication Foundation) responsible for data processing (text, voice, etc.) and data providing (to the Customer’s and third-parties’ applications) as well as a user self-service web app that allowed for minute/MB refills, mobile plan management, etc., in a number of US regions.

ScienceSoft’s team started their work with implementation of comprehensive code refactoring in all supported .NET parts. It was aimed to optimize the existing algorithms, reduce code duplications, fix bugs, etc. All this improved performance of .NET parts as well as streamlined and simplified their future maintenance.

The continuous cooperation goes according to the following pattern: the Customer watches their web services and web app statistics (user actions, customer lifecycle, etc.), identifies the need for the amendments or fixes in them, creates tasks and directly communicates them via email or instant messages to ScienceSoft’s support team who is to handle them on short notice.

For example, after one of the web app updates, the Customer detected a significant decrease in a number of new clients. The reason was that the users who came to apply for a free SIM card and a mobile device sponsored by the social program often overlooked the point that in some US regions not all devices on offer could be received for free. Later, coming to get their devices they found out they had to pay for them additionally, which greatly damaged the clients’ experience and negatively affected their desire for further cooperation. In terms of solving the issue, ScienceSoft’s team made the system by default display the devices available for free in the region. This allowed quickly restoring the previous level of sales.


The Customer is fully satisfied with ScienceSoft’s support services that help them to provide quick and effective reaction to evolving issues and keep up long-term client loyalty and satisfactory sales level.

Technologies and tools

ASP.NET, Angular.js, WCF

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