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Translation Software for a Healthcare Collaboration Platform Supporting 4 Languages

Translation Software for a Healthcare Collaboration Platform Supporting 4 Languages



A full IT services company that specializes in developing innovative business and workflow management solutions.

The Company attracted a large customer base, ranging from multinational corporations and government agencies to small and medium sized businesses.


The Customer decided to upgrade one of its language services – multilingual translation workflow system (Communicator). It was decided to enrich the system with new features. The Customer needed to modify the Communicator as it was supposed to become an automated translation component of Multilingual Social Networking Platform that ensures collaboration in Healthcare and Life Sciences.


After joining the project, ScienceSoft’s healthcare app developers analyzed existing functions and system performance capabilities as well as requirements for successful collaboration with Networking Platform. As the information was gathered our team made all necessary implementations and alterations to modify the system in accordance with stated objectives.

In order to facilitate Platform usage, ScienceSoft team decided to add some unique characteristics, such as near-real time translation of user-generated content and cross-language intelligent information processing features (tag suggestion, semantic search, information filter, relevant content recommendations, etc.).

To ensure that all content is seamlessly offered to any language and at a high quality, the translation process consists of the following components:

  • Translation memories populated with domain specific parallel texts
  • Machine translation programs
  • An automation server responsible for workflow management
  • Optional human post-editing service ensures quality assurance


The Customer received a modified multilingual system with new and innovative translation methods, tools and processes. The system complied with all the stated requirements to be integrated with the Networking Platform.

The developed solution allows users to become a part of a growing multilingual community, exchange ideas and discuss healthcare issues regardless of their language or geographical location. Communicator automatically translates the content to four languages: English, German, Spanish, Hungarian.

The solution ensures fast and trusted translation of high quality as well as engages more users and allows the creation of static and dynamic information regardless of the preferred language.

Technologies and Tools

Java, EJB.

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