Development of Instant Messaging Application for Facebook

Development of Instant Messaging Application for Facebook

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One of the leading P2P service providers that focuses mainly on music and video sharing.


The Customer decided to release an IM desktop messenger for Facebook. The app should allow users to chat with their Facebook friends without actually opening the Facebook.


ScienceSoft developed an IM messenger that synchronizes with the Facebook and allows users to chat with Facebook friends directly from a desktop, without having to open the page. The app has simple and intuitive interface, which is a plus for users of all ages.

In addition, the app allows of tracking friends’ Facebook updates including statuses, photos and videos. Users can also update their own statuses right from the app or publish on friends’ wall.

To enrich user experience, ScienceSoft app developers added video chat option to the app, which allowed going beyond standard Facebook chat.


The Customer got a ready IM messenger that provides users with rich functionality and allows them to track Facebook activities without opening the original page. The app not only remained all the functionality of the Facebook chat but also was complemented by additional functions to make communication more interactive and fun.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Rc1, XCode IDE 4.2, CMake 2.8 build tool, Qt 4.7.4 and Qt Designer.

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