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Migration of a Financial Audit Web Application to iOS through Cordova

Migration of a Financial Audit Web Application to iOS through Cordova

Financial Services
Mobile, Cordova, iOS


The customer is a software development and IT-consulting company focused on business needs and based in Munich, Germany.


The Customer wanted their complex financial audit web application to be stably used on mobile devices in the offline mode. After approaching ScienceSoft as a mobile development vendor with 11 years of experience in the domain, the Customer requested an iOS version of their web app and wanted it to support iOS 10.


Within a quick 2.5-week turnaround, our team managed to successfully migrate application modules from ExtJS 6.0 classic to ExtJS 6.2 modern, making the web app compatible with mobile view.

To make the web app work on iOS, ScienceSoft went for the Cordova framework. Using the latest Cordova libraries and plugins, our experts reassembled ExtJS 6.2 modern modules and placed the app into the iOS WebView environment.


As soon as the app was successfully tested, the iOS mobile app was passed to the Customer, who was completely satisfied with the project results.

Technologies and Tools

Cordova (iOS app), Sencha CMD, ExtJS 6.2, Sass.

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