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Custom ERP for Streamlined Resource Management and Business Process Automation

Custom ERP for Streamlined Resource Management and Business Process Automation

Information Technology
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), MySQL, PHP


The Customer is a European IT company.


The Customer needed to improve the transparency and flexibility of their internal business operations, such as planning and managing resources, managing staff and documents flow, tracking and managing working time, etc. However, the Customer had difficulty in choosing a ready-to-go ERP solution, which would address their business needs in their entirety.


Having analyzed the Customer’s business needs, ScienceSoft’s team offered to build a custom ERP solution.

Experienced in web application development, ScienceSoft’s developers delivered all three layers of the new Web 3.0 application – a data layer, a business logic, and a presentation (UI) layer.

To manage day-to-day business activities of the Customer, ERP software offered rich functionality:

  • Automation of major business processes.
  • Secure team communication.
  • Wiki-style content management, enterprise-wide file sharing and coordination.
  • Automation of workforce management, etc.

The ERP solution had a smart search mechanism based on the Apache Solr search engine. The content was organized using an intelligent tag system. Users could search by both content and document type (PDF, Excel, doc, txt, rtf, etc.). The advanced search mechanism allowed users to set up different search criteria for target search results.

Access privileges helped prevent document security violations as they granted users access to different portions of data based on users’ department and business role.

The usage of the Zend framework contributed to the system’s flexibility and development speed. AJAX technology (jQuery framework) allowed dynamic loading of new content into a page without page refresh.


The new ERP boosted the company’s productivity and efficiency, helping manage the enterprise data with ease, speed, and accuracy. The system was easy-to-manage and require minimum efforts and costs for new integrations and functionality extension. The sleek and user-friendly interface made it quick to learn and convenient to use.

Technologies and Tools

PHP (Zend), MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Solr, Open Graph protocol, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery.

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