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Development of iOS/Android Mobile Apps with Easily Customizable Forms

Development of iOS/Android Mobile Apps with Easily Customizable Forms

Information Technology, Software products
Mobile, iOS, Cordova, Android, Angular.js


The Customer is a German IT company with a focus on mobile application development. Offering app templates, the Customer helps clients who have no programming knowledge to create forms and documents easily for the use on mobile devices.


As a part of their offering, the Customer was looking to develop modules of app-based reports, contracts, polls and other forms. All fields in the forms were to be easily changed on the server, so that they could fit the needs of any industry or business.


For their services to reach users of both Android and iOS devices, the Customer chose the hybrid Cordova development. After the basic app prototypes on Cordova and Angular were created, ScienceSoft’s team stepped into the project to assist with further front-end development.

Within 3 months, our engineers finished the applications that could be easily customized through the client-server communication. By sending a request to the server, the user gets a certain configuration and builds a form based on it. Thus, changing the looks of the forms doesn’t require coding skills.

All the forms can be filled in offline and saved either in PDF or CSV formats. Once a device connects to the network, the former synchronizes the app data with the server at the company headquarters and uploads the information to ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems.

ScienceSoft’s experts implemented plugins for Cordova, so that the hybrid app would seamlessly work with mobile hardware, including camera. Thus, the applications send a direct request to the camera and let the users take a picture that can be later attached to any of the data files. Contract-type forms can also have a touch-screen signature.


Satisfied with the intermediate results of the application development, the Customer was willing to continue the cooperation with ScienceSoft. The joint work on the Customer’s mobile projects is now in progress.

Technologies and Tools

Cordova, AngularJS, AJAX, FileAPI, IndexedDB, Gulp

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