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Development of an IoT Solution for Construction Health Monitoring

Development of an IoT Solution for Construction Health Monitoring

.NET, MS SQL Server


The Customer is a large company that provides construction sites with complex automation and security systems. The company offers design solutions and performs supply, installation and commissioning for various types of construction projects.


In order to provide a continuous and efficient technical control and thus increased security of constructions and complex engineering objects, the Customer decided to develop a smart construction monitoring system for collecting and processing data through sensors installed on the key elements of a building. The solution was designed to automate regular data collection and processing.


ScienceSoft’s IoT development team designed and developed a smart solution to collect sensor data and aggregate it on a central server for processing and further calculations of a building’s state. Data processing and averaging make it possible to boost system performance and reduce data volumes.

The user-friendly interface presents the data from connected through intuitive color coding – the green, yellow and red lights indicate the state of a building. Additionally, the system allows a flexible configuration of threshold values to regulate the transition from one status to another.

To aggregate the data – suppose, for calculating a construction deformation, ScienceSoft developed a system of virtual sensors collecting information from several physical sensors. It allows users to monitor specific parameters which can be used only in the aggregate.


The Customer received an easy-to-use IoT solution to monitor the state of a construction in real time. The tool automatically notifies the operator about a sensor failure or a construction defect and can be integrated with external systems.

Technologies and Tools

Frameworks and libraries: .NET 4.0, WPF, WCF, SOA, NHibernate, Ninject, NLog, Castle, AvalonDock

Testing frameworks: NUnit, Moq

Databases: MS SQL Server Compact, SQLite

Database management system: MS SQL Server 2008

Other tools: PartCover, NAnt, Mercurial

Methodologies: Agile (Scrum), DDD, TDD

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