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Application Support for a Global Provider of Loyalty and Advertising Solutions

Application Support for a Global Provider of Loyalty and Advertising Solutions

Retail, Marketing & Advertisement
Magento, PHP


The Customer is an international company based in the DACH region and providing software solutions for a number of sectors including ecommerce, banking, and entertainment. Among the Customer’s products is a cloud-based application for improved loyalty marketing and customized advertising.


The Customer’s software product is a complex ecommerce solution operating on different platforms (Magento, Magento 2 and Shopware) that helps online retailers with expanded networks of clients to establish and manage loyalty programs.

To improve the application’s functionality for providing loyalty management, the Customer enriched it with new plugins: for sending personalized ads to subscribers and calculating points for the purchases. After that, it became necessary to fill in the gap with supporting the solution to ensure its stable operation for a wide audience.


Initially, ScienceSoft took part in the development stage of the ongoing project and assisted with enriching the solution with new plugins for customized loyalty and advertising features. After the updated product’s launch, ScienceSoft began to provide the continuous support of the product.

We provide 8/5 support according to the Customer’s working hours. For effective ticket processing, the support team is divided into help desk (L1), L2 and L3 support.

Help desk agents receive service tickets via Atlassian Jira, answer end users’ questions on software functionality and guide them in solving simple issues (e.g., adjusting the solution’s settings to make it better perform the operations a user needs). If L1 cannot tackle an issue, they escalate it higher up.

L2 specialists prioritize and address the tickets they receive according to the previously defined severity levels (low, medium, high, critical). The issues they are responsible for include log investigation (to understand the reasons for software malfunctioning) and configuring basic solution components (e.g., databases). When needed, solution developers who make up L3 team are involved in introducing the fixes on the code level.

Our team gathers and centralizes the information on ticket resolution into a knowledge base to reduce the time required to address future similar service issues.

Our responsibilities also include handling the Customer’s change requests: we receive and analyze them and discuss with the Customer’s tech and business management possible ways to improve the solution. Then, we introduce the agreed updates and tune up the support materials accordingly to make sure that they cover the updated functionality.

According to the SLA, we provide the Customer with the reports on the number of the received issues, the percentage of the solved ones and the status of the issues in progress at the end of each month.


With ScienceSoft, the Customer continuously gets effective application support and thus can provide a reliable product for loyalty and advertisement management to end users. This helps the Customer to compete successfully with the providers of similar applications.

Technologies and Tools

Atlassian Jira, Magento 2, Magento, Shopware 5, PHP 7, MySQL 5.7, Symfony, Zend, Smarty, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout.js, XML, CSS, Sass, Less.

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