A high-profile BI consulting for an outsourcing company with 1000+ employees

A high-profile BI consulting for an outsourcing company with 1000+ employees

Information Technology


The Customer is a US-based international provider of business process outsourcing services in customer care, ecommerce, sales, product fulfillment and logistics.


Working worldwide, the Customer had enterprise data scattered across various independent software systems. Such data disintegration led to the inefficiency of the Customer’s analytical and reporting with the following severe issues due to data omissions and inaccuracies:

  • Unmanageable invoice system.
  • Lack of payroll transparency.
  • Lack of automated reporting.
  • Inability to conduct root-cause analysis.

Thus, the Customer was in need to enable transparent analytics and ad-hoc reporting.


ScienceSoft’s team began cooperation with an onsite visit to the Customer, where our BI consultants evaluated the effectiveness of the Customer’s existing local reporting and analytical systems with the help of Q&A sessions, interviews and user workload observations.

Having discussed and defined the desired expectations of different-level employees to BI software, the BA consultants got a broader look of the existing business problems, revealed problems not articulated by the Customer initially, and summarized issues that had negatively affected timely and accurate analysis and reporting.

Based on these findings, our experts consulted the Customer on developing a standardized approach to integration. In particular, they:

  • Offered a high-level BI software architecture to meet the Customer’s need for a scalable and reliable solution, data availability, root-cause analytics, ad-hoc reporting, etc.
  • Outlined the technology stack options suitable for the existing IT environment.
  • Developed a strategy of BI solution evolution outlining milestones, possible challenges and suggested ways to overcome them.


In the course of the consulting, the Customer got a comprehensive assessment on the existing local analytical and reporting systems, detailed recommendations on centralizing data into the overall architecture and the suggested technology stack for the task with the outlined strengths and weaknesses. Following ScienceSoft’s recommendations, the Customer could develop a unified approach to data integration in accordance with business objectives and automate certain business processes within the organization to ensure accurate and timely analysis and reporting.


Q&A sessions, workshops, questionnaires, documentation analysis, business requirements analysis, user workload observations.

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