Ideas Sharing Add-In for SharePoint and SharePoint Online

Ideas sharing

What Is Ideas Sharing?

Boost company-wide communication with the Ideas Sharing add-in. With this add-in, your SharePoint intranet will enable employees to share and rate their colleagues’ ideas related to business and social aspects of a company’s life. Besides, this SharePoint idea management add-in accumulates ideas that can be later easily retrieved by tag or title. The add-in can also notify users about new ideas.

How to Get the Add-In?

You can download Ideas Sharing from the Office Store.

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How to Configure the Add-In?

To configure the Ideas Sharing add-in, click the gear icon in the top bar.


How Does It Look like?

SharePoint ideas sharing add-in

The add-in is available in 4 color themes

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Grey

How to Add the App to a SharePoint Page?

To add the Ideas Sharing add-in to a SharePoint page, follow the instructions.

How to Troubleshoot the Add-In?

If the Ideas Sharing add-in does not display "+" sign in the top bar, please make sure you have a permission to add items to lists.

Do You Need Help?
If you face any problems while installing or using the Ideas Sharing add-in, please contact our SharePoint developers who are always ready to assist you in SharePoint-related challenges.
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