What is corporate discounts?

Make your corporate discount program even more effective by bringing it to your SharePoint intranet with the help of the Corporate Discounts add-in. The add-in allows putting together all your discount partners and the offered discounts in one user-friendly app part on a SharePoint page. Using the add-in, employees will be able to have all the available corporate discounts at their fingertips and use them more actively.

How to get the add-in?

You can download Corporate Discounts from the Office Store for $33.99.


Corporate discounts properties

The Corporate Discounts add-in contains the following properties:

  • Discount partner
  • Discount value
  • A detailed description of discounted products or services
  • Discount category. Note: The add-in allows managing discount categories by setting their colors
  • Website of a discount partner
  • Related files (avatars, themes)
  • Contact information about a discount partner, including their address, phone and location

How does it look like?

The add-in shows discounts in the List and Map modes. 

In the List mode, users can see a list of all the available discounts.  In the Map mode, users can see all the discounts on a Google Map and learn additional information about a discount (the discount value, the address of a discount partner).

How to configure the add-in?

Follow these steps to add the app part to a selected SharePoint page:

  1. Open the SharePoint page in the Edit mode:

  1. Click Insert and then click App Part:

  1. Select the Corporate Discounts app part:

  1. Save changes:

Looking for a consultation?

Do you have questions about the Corporate Discounts add-in? Our SharePoint developers are always ready to give you a helping hand. 

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