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Security matters: following up IBM & ScienceSoft conference

Security matters: following up IBM & ScienceSoft conference


28 May 2015 was marked by the influential event “IBM & ScienceSoft Security Day” bridging the gap between IT and business and attracting over 80 attendees, mostly security department coordinators and IT directors of the major regional banks, telecoms and also prominent players in FMCG manufacturing.

What makes this conference stand out in a crowd is the fact that besides covering the latest threats in the sphere of information protection, the speakers suggested practical ways of preventing and dealing with them. In their presentation ScienceSoft SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Specialists Pavel Sayenka and Dmitry Nikolaenya condensed their knowledge and experience of QRadar SIEM implementations worldwide. The participants also had a chance to watch a 40-minute video demo of QRadar solution at work.

Another important topic – security testing of the existing infrastructure – also received due attention. In particular, ScienceSoft Security Specialist Uladzislau Murashka presented such a complex service offered by the company as penetration testing which helps to reveal both common and specialized threats.

“The notion of information security in the modern world is of paramount importance: commercial information, personal data – all of these present interest for fraudsters and criminals.  At ScienceSoft we have accumulated the necessary skills and understanding of infrastructure and application vulnerabilities which helps us to discover and eliminate threats,” comments Head of ScienceSoft Information Security Department Pavel Ilyusenko.

The talk given by the representative of a major bank enjoyed the full attention of the audience as he shared their success story of using a complex solution based on IBM Security QRadar SIEM. The configuration of the product was done by ScienceSoft several months earlier and has already brought about tangible results which were measured and quantified in the presentation.

ScienceSoft VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development Ulad Radkevitch underlines the significance of this event, “This conference marks a new stage in the almost decade-long cooperation between IBM and ScienceSoft in the sphere of information security. For four years now we have been representing IBM security solutions and are proud that today it’s not only us talking about competences, but also our clients sharing the achieved results.”

It is worth mentioning that “IBM & ScienceSoft Security Day” is the first security event sponsored by IBM in the region. In comparison with other offers at the market, the solutions from IBM come in a most complete portfolio of compatible products which help protect the infrastructure and applications of an organization from unlawful activities.

About IBM

IBM is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Armonk, NY. It is the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 400,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. IBM offers a wide range of technology and consulting services; a broad portfolio of middleware for collaboration, predictive analytics, software development and systems management; and the world's most advanced servers and supercomputers. Utilizing its business consulting, technology and R&D expertise, IBM helps clients become "smarter" as the planet becomes more digitally interconnected. IBM invests more than $6 billion a year in R&D, just completing its 21st year of patent leadership. IBM Research has received recognition beyond any commercial technology research organization and is home to 5 Nobel Laureates, 9 US National Medals of Technology, 5 US National Medals of Science, 6 Turing Awards, and 10 Inductees in US Inventors Hall of Fame. The company was behind the inventions of the PC; SABRE travel reservation system; UPC codes, Watson, the Jeopardy!-playing computing system, and much more.

IBM's security portfolio provides security intelligence to help organizations holistically protect their people, data, applications and infrastructure. IBM offers solutions for identity and access management, security information and event management, database security, application development, risk management, endpoint management, next-generation intrusion protection and more. IBM operates one of the world's broadest security research and development, and delivery organizations. IBM monitors 15 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries and holds more than 3,000 security patents.

About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft, an established IT services provider with operations in Europe and South-Eastern Asia, has been working in Security Intelligence for almost 10 years. We have expertise in SIEM solutions development, testing, implementation and consulting. ScienceSoft was involved in the development IBM’s TSIEM/TSOM in 2006-2011 as a sub-contractor with a team of 50 FTEs. More recently ScienceSoft has become one of IBM’s leading implementation partners for the QRadar Security Intelligence platform. Our certified QRadar consultants carry out assessments, deployments, testing and maintenance of SIEM solutions. Since 2011 our consultants have been involved in QRadar and TSIEM implementations in Europe, US, the Gulf region and Africa.

With 450 experienced professionals, ISO 9001 compliant processes and over 25 years of IT business experience, ScienceSoft is a recognized partner of IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. Our business achievements are recognized by prestigious awards, including a national 2014 Fastest-growing company award by Ernst & Young (EY).