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ScienceSoft Becomes Sabal Tech’s Partner in Security and Compliance Services

ScienceSoft Becomes Sabal Tech’s Partner in Security and Compliance Services


ScienceSoft is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sabal Tech Inc., a boutique IT company with offices in the US and Europe. Sabal Tech focuses on modern open-source stack development built on top of the leading cloud vendors with an emphasis on DevOps from the ground up. Sabal Tech Inc. was founded by a group of experienced Technology and Finance professionals with the goal of providing innovative software development solutions. Sabal Tech specializes in big data, enterprise platforms, machine learning, web, mobile technologies, DevOps, intuitive UIs, and software development lifecycle management. Read more on Sabal Tech’s partnerships page.

Joining Sabal Tech’s partnership network, ScienceSoft will foster the digital success of its clients by helping them build reliable cyber defense and achieve regulatory compliance. With 19 years of experience in cybersecurity services, ScienceSoft has built a strong team of security engineers, Certified Ethical Hackers, and seasoned compliance consultants. ScienceSoft will enrich Sabal Tech’s service offer with offensive and defensive cybersecurity services, including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, OSINT services, ISO 27001 pre-audit, compromise assessment, risk assessment, compliance gap analysis, and more.

ScienceSoft’s security team is ready to tackle any cybersecurity challenges your company may face. If you want to deliver secure software, protect your IT infrastructure against the latest cyber threats, or mitigate recent security breaches, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.