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Ecommerce website design services include activities to research the target audience, compile a branded UI kit, wireframe and prototype, test the prototype usability, and bring it to life. Along with proficiency in design tools and frameworks, one needs the knowledge of customer psychology and aesthetic excellence to create inspiring designs. And we are proud to say that ScienceSoft has it all to make a difference in ecommerce website design!

Benefits - UX

17 years in ecommerce design and development

Benefits - UX

Balance of long-standing UI practices and creativity

Benefits - UX

Adherence to research-backed UX design

Benefits - UX

A full-cycle design project

Benefits - UX

Coding excellence. Clean and fast-performing code


Apparel & Footwear
Apparel & Footwear
Beauty & Personal care
Beauty & Personal care
Furniture & Household goods
Furniture & Household goods
Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages
Home & Garden
Home & Garden

Our ecommerce website design process

We visualize and implement customer experience that your website will deliver via UX and UI design. Among the benefits of delegating the whole process to us are design integrity and smooth project communication.


UX design


UI design


Front-end development

Why your ecommerce success largely depends on design


Competitive advantage. Set your brand apart on the market, targeting the same audience within the same product line.


Simple and unfailingly frictionless user journeys. Secure higher user engagement with the website and build ongoing trust in your company.


Higher mobile sales due to cross-platform compatibility and voice recognition integration.


Decreased bounce rate enabled by sustainably fast website performance.


An increased average order value due to nonintrusive upselling techniques.


Higher conversions and your revenue as a result of the above-mentioned gains.

  • 75%
    visitors judge websites by aesthetics
  • 38%
    visitors will leave instantly if they find a website unappealing
  • 88%
    users won’t return after a single negative digital experience
  • Source: 99firms

    Different budgets, different design approaches

    We can handle both design and implementation of your ecommerce website. We distinguish between two service options to meet your design requirements and budget expectations.

    Ecommerce website development with template-based design

    Best for quick launch

    • Assistance to select the best-suited design template.
    • Quality assurance of the selected template.
    • Implementation of the core ecommerce functionality.

    From $25,000

    Ecommerce website development with custom design

    Best for experience-focused websites

    • UX research.
    • Creation of personas and user stories.
    • UI wireframing.
    • User interface designed exclusively for your brand.
    • Mobile-first design.

    From $55,000