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Effective Integration of Trade Promotion Management Software with Demand Planning System and SAP ERP

Effective Integration of Trade Promotion Management Software with Demand Planning System and SAP ERP

Oracle, SAP, VB


Dutch-based consulting company focusing on SAP consulting for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. The Client provides design, implementation and support for custom tailored processes in finance, logistics, sales, maintenance and quality control.


The Customer purchased an innovative trade promotion management software based on legacy technologies - PromoXL. This product allows Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufactures get more efficient control over the management of trade promotion. TPM solution helps them to plan, execute and analyze the promotional initiatives, gives access to key performance indicators, which manage and measure trade promotion effectiveness. Therefore, companies can easily compare different trade promotion initiatives and identify which of them work best. The Customer needed to integrate TPM PromoXL with the Demand Planning System and ERP (SAP). The main challenge was to complete this task with a high level of effectiveness and on a short-term basis.


ScienceSoft was chosen by the Customer as a competent services provider to handle the project. ScienceSoft formed an experienced team of 1 business analysts and 4 Oracle and VBA developers. During the project, both teams had maintained high level of cooperation, which was appreciated by the Customer. They thoroughly analyzed Customer’s needs, created an appropriate set of technical documentation and successfully performed tight integration of TPM with SAP. ScienceSoft developers suggested extension, improvement and support of TPM-SAP solution to enhance its efficiency and this initiative got the Customer's approval.


Through partnership with ScienceSoft the Customer obtained a team of initiative, experienced developers who contributed much to the project. Easiness of communication and control over offand on-site team ensured seamless development process. Among the benefits of joint work are:

  • TPM was successfully integrated with SAP;
  • The solution was delivered on time and without exceeding the budget;
  • At the moment collaboration within Maintenance & Support agreement continues.


Oracle 9i-11g, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Oracle Designer, VBA.

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