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Enterprise Collaboration Portal To Consolidate Distributed Teams

Enterprise Collaboration Portal To Consolidate Distributed Teams



The Customer is a Belgian company specializing in the development and distribution of adhesives. Recently the company acquired an Italian producer and became one of the largest in Europe.


After the acquisition, the customer needed to integrate administrative structures of both companies and optimize their internal processes without major impact on business activities. Moreover, the consolidated company aspired to centralize and integrate company operations of the wholesale business within one system.


The Customer decided to use SharePoint as a platform for integrating business activities within an enterprise portal. The Customer chose ScienceSoft, an experienced provider of custom SharePoint solutions, as an outsourcing partner.

The Customer had previously used Ektron CMS for web content management. Therefore, ScienceSoft’s team designed a new SharePoint portal to resemble the Ektron environment, so that employees of the consolidated company could quickly and easily adapt to the new system.

In close communication with the Customer, our experts defined and described the procedures for setting the templates and workflows. This approach ensures smooth integration and management of all project activities at a custom workplace. In addition, it simplifies unification of the processes and roles, making it easy to assign employees to certain projects or teams. The developed solution integrates the processes of both companies and makes collaboration between them transparent.


ScienceSoft successfully delivered the system that was deployed and used in both locations. The Customer received the enterprise solution that integrated all the companies’ processes. This solution consolidated both factories and increased cohesion between their teams. Furthermore, the solution enabled the company management to make more informed and quicker decisions.

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