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Managed Analytics Services for Strategic Market Analysis Based on 10 Years of Historical Data

Managed Analytics Services for Strategic Market Analysis Based on 10 Years of Historical Data

Consulting, Professional Services
MS SQL Server


The Customer is a US management consultancy that advises their clients on strategic, financial and marketing aspects of their businesses.


Having unique market data from disintegrated sources, the Customer wanted to conduct strategic analysis of the airline industry market and provide this information as a service.


As the Customer had clear requirements regarding the analysis but wanted the outsourcing partner to take responsibility for the technical embodiment, our consultants offered the Customer managed analytics services.

With these services, the Customer did not have to worry about BI infrastructure deployment and management. This, as well as the solution’s performance, availability, security and data quality management, was totally the responsibility of ScienceSoft.

To enable the Customer to get insights from the 10-year history of external data, our team deployed a BI solution on a dedicated server in ScienceSoft’s data center. The solution consisted of a data warehouse, an OLAP cube, and a web interface. To extract the data from Microsoft Excel and faultlessly load it into a data warehouse, our team also implemented an ETL process.

Within the OLAP cube, ScienceSoft created 10 dimensions, such as:

  • Airlines
  • Countries
  • Dates
  • Airline by country
  • Airline by size
  • Airline by carrier type
  • Airline by ownership.

The OLAP cube also contained the following measures:

  • Revenue
  • Debt
  • Net income
  • Growth over year.

A friendly web interface allows the Customer to check prebuilt reports, as well as aggregate, slice and dice the data. Its another advantage is the possibility to set permissions to let a user access the reports from both their desktop or mobile.


For a monthly subscription fee, the Customer is getting pre-built reports where they can find valuable insights, as well as explore a particular aspect of their interest in more detail. The Customer is also able to provide this information as a service by granting access to the reports to their clients.


Microsoft SQL Server (a data warehouse), Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (ETL), Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (an OLAP cube), Kyubit Business Intelligence (a web interface).

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